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Dalmatian Training Scratch Pants of Nylon

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Nylon Scratch Pants for Dalmatian Training

Are you looking for proper dog training clothing? These Nylon Pants are the best protection from dog scratches when training Dalmatian. They are manufactured in accordance with all dog training requirements: they are stretch-proof, water- and dirt-resistant and don’t restrict the trainer’s movements as they are ultra-lightweight.

Note! These pants are often used with Nylon Scratch Jacket to protect your upper body together with the legs.

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Dog training pants of strong nylon

Nylon scratch pants, zippers for easy taking off

Dog training scratch pants od lightweight nylon

Dog training nylon pants, increased mobility

Key features of these Scratch Pants:

  • High-quality nylon
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Adjustable bibs
  • Back adjustment belt
  • Zippers for easy on / off
  • Increased mobility

Intended use of these Scratch Pants:

  • Field training
  • Schutzhund training
  • Bite training
  • Attack / agitation training

Sizes available:

  • XS/46
  • S/48
  • M/50
  • L/52
  • XL/54
  • XXL/56
  • XXXL/58
  • Custom

Available colors:

  • Black

These Dalmatian Training Scratch Pants are made of nylon. This material is easy to care for and extremely tear-proof. They perfectly protect the dog trainer’s legs from scratches, providing him with confidence and mobility.

There are zippers underneath for you to take the pants off in just a few seconds. Special bibs allow you to adjust the pants properly. The back adjustment belt also works for this purpose.

These Nylon Pants are meant for bite, attack / agitation and Schutzhund dog training.

Please use these sizing chart to choose a proper size:

Size Waist Hip Leg Inside Leg Outside Weight
50/180 M 96 cm 38 inch 106 cm 42 inch 77 cm 30 inch 106 cm 42 inch 65-80 kg 143-176 pounds
52/180 L 100 cm 39 inch 120 cm 47 inch 77 cm 30 inch 107 cm 42 inch 75-90 kg 165-198 pounds
54/180 XL 110 cm 43 inch 130 cm 51 inch 77 cm 30 inch 108 cm 42 inch 85-100 kg 187-220 pounds
56/180 XXL 120 cm 47 inch 140 cm 55 inch 77 cm 30 inch 109 cm 42 inch 100-120 kg 220-265 pounds


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Dalmatian Training Scratch Pants of Nylon

Dalmatian Training Scratch Pants of Nylon