The Dalmatian appeared for the first time at the show in Birmingham in 1862. It was a female who had name Noble. From England an well-developed Dalmatian found himself in other countries in the second half of last century. For example, in 1888 the country was Germany. Owing to the British, Dalmatians soon won the dwellers’ hearts of almost all countries of the world.

Today English Dalmatians is no longer considered the most "stylish" and typical, and do not occupy a leading place in the world. Of course, there may be some deviations, but in whole, the dog, a description of which is now shown in the FCI standard – is a Scandinavian Dalmatian. At the exhibitions almost throughout all Europe the dogs with special qualities win.

The Dalmatian is an intelligent and sensitive creature with a strong character, which can be quite complex. Exactly such dog people began to love. But with these animals sometimes is not easy. Dalmatians is not for everyone.

The reality is that Dalmatians are extremely in need of friendship with people. He can not live alone in the yard. This dog just shines with vital energy that spills out wherever possible. Imagine, this dog is so smart that he can pretend to be stupid when he does not want to obey his owner. Dalmatians have not mediocre actorish potentialities. In terms of acting talent only horses can be compared with them. They are best friends of Dalmatians.