Dalmatians, if they feel the love of owner, are excellent house pets for those persons, who enjoy an active lifestyle.The Dalmatians require attention from their owners due to that facts that they are energetic dogs by their nature and must be walked, at least twice a day. Many people walk with them in the parks, dog racing, or other places where there are a lot of people and dogs. Adult Dalmatians - usually rise about 50 - 60 cm in height and are in weight from 20 to 30 kg. Dogs of this breed are usually slightly larger than females, they can grow to 70 cm and weigh 35 kg. Dalmatians are medium sized dogs - but, despite this, they are pretty strong animals.

Dalmatians are easily recognizable because of their characteristic spots on the colors of hair. These spots are usually brown, black . Dalmatians have spots that appear during the period of growing up from the puppy up to the dog. Puppies are born without spots. . Another characteristic of the Dalmatian may be seen in their eyes. They are intelligent dogs, and their eyes were bright brown, blue or amber. Their intelligence is accompanied by a devotion to the people at the same time, the ability to guard and protect what is important to them, as well as the immense friendliness.

Short History

Some facts are known about the origin of Dalmatians, some believe they came from Dalmatia, which is a part of Croatia. Some evidence of Dalmatians have been found in Egypt as well. In 19 century Dalmatians were used more often as guard dogs and as carriers. They protected passengers and cargo inside the carriage, accompanied them all the way. Dalmatians fit perfectly for the such kind of work because of their loyalty and endurance. Also they were used for fire protection units.


In general, the Dalmatian is a quiet breed. You should spend time learning your dog to use all his patience and expertise, eliminating mistakes, but after a while your dog will become a well-trained one. It is best to organize your dog, set a fixed time for meals, for training and care, so the dog gets used to the routine in advance. This breed does not like sudden new events, so try not to make some surprizes in his day schedule.

It is important to spend time with a sense of where you are with your dog, it is a known fact that Dalmatians are very bored or even depressed if left alone for a long time. If Dalmatians are locked up the whole day, then he would need a walk in the evening and walk an extra weekend to use their collected energy. Some Dalmatians may damage carpets, furniture and other home accessories, if you keep them locked up for too long. Before leaving on vacation for the holidays, it is best to ask someone to care after your Dalmatians. Leaving it for a few days alone, he may become angry and destroy everything in the house.