In 2011 the new standard of a Dalmatian breed was presented, which should be followed in the breeding аof these dogs by people. We propose you to read the new standard to understand how true Dalmatian should look.

It should be noted that the true Dalmatian is not expressed in a nice head, scissor bite, rectangular body, as these characteristics are inherent almost all breeds of dogs. Dalmatian belongs to a group of hounds, or rather, a group of hounds from Illyria (Illyria - a mountainous country on the east of the The Adriatic coast). Dalmatian has a rectangular enclosure. Length of body exceeds the height at the withers by 8-10%.Movements should be harmonious and elegant.

When judging the Dalmatian,the general impression is very important. It includes the harmonious lines of the body, movements and elegance, which is essential for a hound due to their destination. They must have nimble and harmonious, but at the same time strong and elegant movements. Next, an external look includes a proportion of the head with a pedigree lines and right-set ears, excellent coat and color with spots arranged as symmetrically as possible to the body. Sexual difference should be obvious, which means that males should not be "in the female type," and the females shouldn’t be courageous."

When you decided to purchase a dog, you take a lot of responsibilities. Health, trainings and well-being of this sensitive, loving animal will depend on you. You are advised to make a final decision to spend some time out to understand the motives that impel you to become a dog owner.

Dalmatian is a cheerful creature, lively and very active. Are you willing to give him much time, long walks in any weather, giving the dog the opportunity to frolic, to run without a leash? It is very important to think about what you expect from a puppy. It is weightily to find out that a puppy needs before he will appear in the house. Solve these and other questions before you bring home this little ball spotted.