We would like to mention that all over the world a lot of attention is given to the dogs’ training. In the U.S.A., Dalmatians are indispensable participants of competitions in obedience, agility, on the trail, and often win these competitions. Competition in training is often conducted in the framework of specialty shows. In Europe, Dalmatian, without agility is not Dalmatian, the most prominent role play dogs in providing social help for the disabled, the elderly, children with developmental delay.

What kind of training will suit Dalmatian? First of all it is obedience one. It is available to all dogs, as in life, and for more specialized types of training. The splendid history of the breed has left a legacy of Dalmatian both hunting and guard instincts. However, they are expressed a greater or lesser extent, in different ways, even in littermates. Find out the natural tendencies of your puppy. The dog, like a man, likes to do what he does best.

Almost all the Dalmatians 'work' agility. This type of training seems to be specially created for this very breed. It is worth one time to come to the site, and the Dalmatian will infect you with his passion and enthusiasm. This is a great opportunity in short time to loose energy, build muscles, it is excitable, entertaining sport with a great future. In addition, agility is the passion for the whole life. In international competitions, dogs appear usually after 6 years old - in fact the secret of agility is not in the ability to jump, but in perfect obedience, mutual understanding with a man and dog at a glance - in fact the count comes in seconds!

And you can start practicing from the age of 6 months, the projectiles in the agility are safe and are not traumatic. In the U.S., competitions for the trace operation are very common, where Dalmatians are successfully engaged, because hound dog is tend to walk on the trail. However, in the United States investigative training is not associated with detention. We have the same best training program for dogs and rescuers; this is clearly stated in the latest standard of the breed. And in life the ability will be useful more than once. The Dalmatians have gorgeous sense of smell and ability to find. Also the hunting instinct is well developed in many Dalmatians and, with the skillful approach to them as a result we will have good hunters both for the beast and birds.

You can train in a Dalmatian both game or a protective instinct. To develop in a Dalmatian a malice to the man is absolutely unacceptable, taking into considerations his hunting instincts. Such flexibility may lead to an attack on the person.

It is worth recalling that small children fearlessly run up to the Dalmatian on the street, so the Dalmatian training as a bodyguard gives the most objections. Here the unauthorized activity is not inadmissible and it is very important to have experienced trainer for your dog.

Choosing a trainer is not less important than the choice of a veterinarian. In a large city you can find the right specialist, having traveled some training sites, taken advise in the dog club. It is important to be like-minded people with him. If the trainer thinks the only worthwhile dog -Rottweiler, even subconsciously, he will seek to prove to you that "you have a worthless dog." In smaller towns, it is best to have a trainer at a club or a section of Dalmatians.