'Hair Designer' Dalmatian Dog Metal Brush View larger

'Hair Designer' Dalmatian Dog Metal Brush

KA15#1045 Metal brush with wooden handle #2

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Metal Brush with Comfy Wooden Handle for your Dalmatian

Want your Dalmatian look like a Hollywood star? Dreaming about having your dog’s fur always in perfect condition effortlessly? Purchase now our new product that will make your Dalmatian shine brightly like a star on the red carpet while daily walking. This is Chrome Plated Metal Dog Comb with Wooden Handle! It is suitable both for long-haired dogs and for dog breeds as your Dalmatian. It is very practical and easy to use. With the help of this item grooming will be nothing but a real pleasure! Using this dog hair brush you will be able to style, comb, brush and set your pet’s hair as you want!
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Dalmatian chrome plated dmetal dog grooming brush

Grooming dog metal brush with handle for Dalmatian breed

Chrome plated teeth on Dalmatian dog metal brush

Dalmatian dog brush with chrome plated teeth and wooden handle

Key features of this Dalmatian Dog Brush:

  • wooden handle
  • chrome plated teeth
  • resistant to rust
  • handy
  • quite long teeth

Intended use of this Dalmatian Dog Brush:

  • dog coat grooming
  • combing
  • styling
  • removing tangles, mats, loose hair and dirt
  • good for making hair fluffy


  • total length - 5 7/10 inch (14.5 cm)
  • width of the shaft - 4 3/10 inch (11 cm)
  • height of the teeth - 1 3/10 (3.5 cm)
  • distance between teeth - 2 mm


  • chrome plated teeth
  • wooden handle

If you are a happy owner not only of the Dalmatian dog breed, but also have some gorgeous long-haired doggy, this Metal Dog Brush is perfect for you. Long-haired dogs very often have tangles and mats. The only way to get rid of them is to comb or brush the pet's hair. Our Chrome Plated Dog Comb with Wooden Handle is very comfortable to use for a dog owner because of its comfy wooden handle, which allows you to remove mats, comb, brush and style your dog’s hair without any difficulties.

The teeth of this item are placed at a quite good distance (2 mm) so as to allow the comb slide easily along the hair. Using this dog comb your dog's coat will look healthy, shiny and very beautiful. So, the advantages of using this Metal Brush are obvious.

If you own a short-haired dog then you can use our Personal Stylist Metal Comb specially created for dogs with short coat. Click the link and check out the difference between the two dog combs and choose the one that suits your needs.


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'Hair Designer' Dalmatian Dog Metal Brush

'Hair Designer' Dalmatian Dog Metal Brush