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Dalmatian Green Lawn Interactive Slow Dog Feeder

KA17#1045 Interactive Slow Pet Feeder big

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Grassy Lawn Interactive Pet Feeder for Dalmatians

Want your doggy to stop begging for more food after his meal? Overeating causes problems with his health? Order this Amazing "Green Lawn" Dog Feeder that will help your dog to be healthy and stay safe!
This Dog Feeder is made of dog-friendly non-toxic safe plastic material that won't cause any harm to your Dalmatian's health. It is suitable for all types of food (dry or wet) and easy to clean one - you can simply clean it with the help of your dishwasher! It is definitely useful and practical thing!

 Pet Feeder for Dalmatian Healthy Eating

Safe Feeder Benefit Illustration

If you own a small dog you should choose Interactive Pet Feeder for Small Dogs. The basic differences of small and big dog feeders are the size of the feeder itself, the height of the blades and intended use. The small dog feeder is used for small dogs, dogs with short snout and puppies. Our Big Dog Feeder is suitable for different dog breeds regardless the size.

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  • Dalmatian pet feeder for healthy eating

    Grassy Lawn Dalmatian dog feeder

  • Dogs pet feeder for Dalmatians

    Dalmatian breed big dogs feeder

Key features of this Dalmatian Feeder:

  • dog safe plastic material
  • prevents gulping and bloat
  • suitable for all dog breeds
  • creates a challenging game for a dog
  • prolongs eating time
  • makes dog hunt for food that is natural

Intended use of this Dalmatian Feeder:

  • to prolong the time of food consumption
  • to stimulate dog's basic senses
  • outside training
  • playing with a dog
  • for dry and wet food


  • length - 16 inches (40 cm)
  • width - 11 2/5 inches (29 cm)
  • the highest blade is 4 3/10 inches (11 cm)
  • weight - 1.72 lb (780 g)

Available colors:

  • green

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Plastic Dalmatian dog feeder

Dalmatian safe plastic feeder for feeding several dogs

Learn more about this Dalmatian Dog Feeder:

Our Interactive Dog Feeder will slow down your dog during his meal. We designed it so that your dog will have to overcome some difficulties and pay more efforts to reach his food, that prolongs the process of good consuming. It will keep your dog's health in a good condition and prevents overeating, gulping and bloating.

Due to its special design of a green lawn, the process of eating will become also an interactive one. It appears to be like a game, training and eating at the same time. During such meal your dog will simultaneously stimulate his basic senses, spent more time for picking up pieces of food and will be grateful to you for such an interesting game.


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Dalmatian breed Grassy design dog feeder

Dog feeder Grassy Lawn design for Dalmatian

Plastic safe for health Dalmatian per feeder

Dalmatian safe dog feeder with smoothed edges

Pet feeder for Dalmatian inteactive eating

Dalmatian interactive dog feeder

Pet feeder for dry and wet food

Dalmatian pet feeder for dry and wet food

Plastic Dalmatian Dog Feeder

Safe Feeder Benefit Illustration


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Dalmatian Green Lawn Interactive Slow Dog Feeder

Dalmatian Green Lawn Interactive Slow Dog Feeder